My name is Sarah, and contrary to this image, I am not actually garbage.

My life has revolved around the arts practically since birth. I was singing before I could talk, drawing before I could write, and my favorite classes in elementary school were always art and music.

I also discovered a passion for theatre, and performing became my priority. The ability to put myself into another person's world,

to be the master puppeteer of any character imaginable while still being true to myself, is a skill that carries over into every other creative process.

Whether on stage or in the studio, my passion comes from the desire to create something new and inspiring, and to interpret things in a different way.


I strive to incorporate both the dramatics of theatre and analog creativity of other mediums into the work I produce. At the end of the day (cue Les Miserables chorus), it is this combination that keeps me wanting more.

Fun facts:

  • In eighth grade I played Jafar in a production of Aladdin Jr.

  • I took my beta fish on a tour of the Hershey’s Chocolate Factory in PA.

  • I can throw ice cream and catch it in a cup - thank you, Cold Stone Creamery.


Feel free to ask me about my dog.